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With our antivirus software you block potential loopholes for cyber criminals: Our proactive and reactive protection measures interlock optimally to counteract cyber threats such as viruses, worms and Trojans. G DATA Business Solutions include plenty of extra features, which help you to easily administer all of your network components and protect sensitive business data. Keep track of security relevant patches and applications on your network via the G DATA management console.

G DATA Administrator

Adjust clients' settings of Windows, Linux and Mac clients as well as for e-mail servers and web gateways – via the G DATA Administrator.

The easy to handle user interface enables you to provide software, change configurations and supervise the processes on the network. Adopt and administer existing structures by the use of Active Directory and the classification of client groups.

What is possible with G DATA?

Administration of security policies

0 %

of all surveyed companies became target of a cyber attack during the last two years

0 %

of all companies affected by a successful cyber attack name unintentional employee deviance as a cause

0 %

trace the success of the attack back to non-implemented software patches

Source: BSI, Cyber-Sicherheits-Umfrage 2015

Cyber criminals do not only enter IT infrastructures via the internet. In every second affected company the cyber attack was enabled by current or former employees, who had sneaked malware into the system – intentionally or unknowingly. For example: An employee finds a manipulated USB stick. While curiously checking the stick's contend, the employee unintentionally transfers malware onto the system. An even easier way for employees to harm a company is to carry away sensitive data on external storage devices. With administrative control measures you protect company-internal processes and the integrity of data – and additionally secure the productivity of your company's employees.

Our solutions

Device Control

Restrict the usage of electronic devices such as DVD burners or USB sticks to prevent company data from falling into unauthorized hands.

Application Control

The application control minimizes the risk: Determine which applications your employees are allowed to install and use on the clients.

Web Content Control

Set up a white- or blacklist and ascertain which websites are accessible for the clients – and which are blocked.

Patch Management

The Patch Management module automatically detects security loopholes in installed software. Thereby, security vulnerabilities, e.g. in the Windows operating system, can be fixed by deploying patches provided by the manufacturer on all devices at once.

About Patch Management

Mobile Device Management


new pieces of malware for Android are identified by G DATA everyday

0 %

of all companies affected by espionage, sabotage and data loss, suppose the theft of IT and mobile devices to be the initial point of the attack

Sources: G DATA, Mobile Malware Report Q3 2015/Bitkom, Spionage, Sabotage und Datendiebstahl – Wirtschaftsschutz im digitalen Zeitalter, Studienbericht 2015

With an adequate management strategy the "Bring your own device" concept becomes a major success: With the G DATA Administrator you manage all mobile devices on your network according to your needs. Smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS are easily incorporated into your company's IT infrastructure and profit from the same protection. The combination of access control and device management enables you to protect and control remote access to services and resources. Thereby, even employees, who are not located in the headquarter, have full access to e-mails, calendars and messages – no matter where they work today.

Functions for the administration of mobile devices

Real-time Protection

The web security protects all your browsing activities on your Android device. The real time protection controls all downloaded apps for malicious components. Additionally, you can start an on demand malware scan on the device.


If an Android device gets lost, the Mobile Device Management enables you to initiate several emergency measures. Profit from the location feature to trace a misplaced device or erase sensitive data via remote access.

App Filter

Restrict the application of apps and the consume of media content on mobile devices on your network.

Contact Filter

Control and administer the contact list on Android devices and set a call and SMS filter: Synchronize with the company's contact list, select allowed contacts and add unwanted numbers to a blacklist.

System & Network Management

0bn €

loss originates in Germany every year due to economic espionage, sabotage and data theft

0bn €

of this amount of loss dates from IT blackouts, system damages and production breakdowns

Source: Bitkom, Spionage, Sabotage und Datendiebstahl – Wirtschaftsschutz im digitalen Zeitalter, Studienbericht 2015

Keep track of your network - to make sure that the essential production processes keep on running. The comprehensible informational system of the G DATA Business Solutions supports you in reacting directly to any unexpected events: Statistics, indexes, reports and protocols provide you with essential information on the current state. All functions match: In case of emergency, you can immediately initiate the required counteractive measures.

Functions of the G DATA software


The firewall protects you from unauthorized access to your systems. Regularize all data, that the computer on your network send or receive.

Report Manager

Get detailed analysis and reports on the current state of malware on your network.

Soft- & Hardware index

The soft- and hardware index gives you an extensive overview of the inventory. Keep track of all devices and applications.

New Network Monitoring

The Network Monitoring feature informs you in time about upcoming issues, such as CPU performance or the printers' toner levels.

Protection from cyber threats


new pieces of malware have been detected since 2006 by the G DATA experts, more than 3 Million only in the first half of 2015.

0 %

of all customers will purchase G DATA antivirus software again.

Source: G DATA Malware Report H1 2015/Customer survey 2015

Cyber criminals spread viruses, Trojans and other malware every second. While malicious codes become more and more complex, the ways into your system are still easily to be protected. The antivirus function of G DATA Business Solutions fights these dangers: Our security technology fixes attack vectors and protects your network from economic espionage and sabotage.

Virus protection functions

Antivirus Security Guard

Trust in the award winning G DATA antivirus with the highest detection rates and the patented CloseGap technology.

Behavior Blocker

The Behavior Blocker analysis the behavior of malicious files. Thereby, it also detects viruses that are not even known yet.

Web Protection

The Web Protection proofs the content of a website before you enter it. Dangerous pages are blocked immediately.


Guard your payments on the internet: Use BankGuard with your normal browser - no add-on or extra software needed.

New Exploit Protection

The feature warns you, if a security gap of an installed program has been exploited. Thereby, you detect vulnerabilities, which are not yet fixed and prevent zero-day attacks.

USB Keyboard Guard

G DATA USB Keyboard Guard recognizes USB devices, that pretend to be keyboards while secretly installing malware.


The protection from spam and e-mails affected by viruses is available as an add-on for Microsoft Outlook as well as for POP3 or IMAP accounts.

Managed Services

Outsource your IT security and benefit from all advantages of our Endpoint Protection Business solution. Your G DATA partner takes care of all incoming tasks - from rolling antivirus software on the clients to configuring the firewall. Completely focus on your core business: cost-effectively and without interrupting your processes. Contact our sales team and get a personal offer.

Trust in G DATA

Made in Germany

Our security software underlies the strict German data protection act – ensuring highest security standards.

Best usability

Our Antivirus Business receives full marks for its usability – by AV-Test.